Medicare Benefit Changes and How They Affect Your Coverage

One consistent thing about Medicare is that it changes constantly. The changes may be included in the coverage you receive with Medicare Plan A and B, Medicare coverage rates, deadlines for when you can sign up, or change plans. Finding Medicare coverage that perfectly fits your lifestyle can be daunting in itself, let alone dealing with the associated changes in the constants. In many cases, it is great to work with a private Medicare insurance group that is tested and trusted. They will update you with change and will work with you to fully understand your changing needs and current circumstances. Not only can this save you time and frustration, but it also helps keep you from covering your needs, saving valuable resources.

Many changes took place with Medicare for the 2012 calendar year. An amendment is the registration period in which you are entitled to sign up for drug and health plan services. Another change is the period during which you can eliminate your Medicare Advantage option and enroll in Medicare instead. The new rules state that any change made to the plan will take effect on the first of the following month.

Another major change in Medicare began in 2011 and continued until 2012. This change included preventive services. This included things like flu shots, Pap smears, and other preventive services. The main costs previously held by patients and now falling into the preventive category include tests such as prostate screens, colonoscopies, bone density tests and diabetes testing. Even annual wellness exams are covered. Keep in mind, however, that your doctors and hospital services remain your responsibility, unless you have bought a different Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan to cover these costs.

Medicare Advantage has also made changes to its managed care plan. The good news is that now, for additional safeguards, you are qualified by the increased cost of certain treatments than your other standard Medicare participants. The main areas in which this is seen are the areas of dialysis, chemotherapy, and nursing which are offered in the field of qualified care. It is also important to note that the Medicare Advantage Plan has recently set a maximum annual cost of ownership for all outpatient and hospital care.

The prescription requirement has also changed. Medicare Part D, prescription drug coverage will also contain some much needed relief in the paperback. If you regularly take prescription drugs, your expenses will be lower.  Get a quote for 2019 at

Another change that will take effect in 2012 is when participants are covered by Medicaid and Medicare. If you are staying in a nursing home, a long-term service or long term care facility, you will not be required to pay overpayments for prescription drugs.

Medicare changes are a given. Medicare offers many US health insurance plans when they reach the age of 65, helping to reduce the number of senior citizens who live without medical care. Finding out how the changes affect your individual circumstances can often be difficult. Confusion can be eliminated with the help of professionals familiar with the twists and turns within Medicare, which inevitably lead to more savings for your health care cost.

The Medicare Part B Deductible and the new law about Medicare supplement plans

Congress has passed a new law that has a lot to do with the Medicare part B deductible. If you still haven´t heard about it, you might want to keep reading, as this new law might start affecting your health care insurance too!

Medicare Part B Deductible

If you aren’t enrolled in a 2019 Cigna Medicare supplement plan get one at doesn´t cover the Medicare part B deductible, then you don´t have to worry. There will be no changes affecting you. The changes made will affect those, who are enrolled to Medicare supplement plans that cover for this expense. Why? Because the new law forbids health insurance companies to sell supplement plans that cover the part B deductible.

The Pro-Argument

This deductible is an annual amount of 183$. The reason why health insurance companies aren´t allowed to offer plans covering them, is due to the belief that this will help prevent people from overuse of the health system. If a supplement plan covers for all costs and the patient only needs to pay their premium rate, they might end up visiting the doctor´s office for small accidents, such as small cuts, or conditions that can also be healed at home, such as a harmless cold. With a cold, most know many home remedies to fight it and usually a cold goes away on its own after a couple of days, or up to a week. It is not really necessary to visit the doctor´s office as soon as we have a sore throat or start coughing a few times a day. It is exactly these cases that the law is trying to prevent. If the patients need to pay at least some amount, then they won´t visit the doctor´s office as often!

The Contra-Argument

Although this law has been passed, there were many who didn´t agree with it. Medicare supplement plans who covered (and still cover) the Medicare part B deductible, are also more expensive. So if a patient is already paying the most for a supplement plan, why shouldn´t he be free to make use of it and visit a professional whenever they want to?

All in all, this new law is coming and every health insurance company as well as their members will need to adjust to it. Two Medicare supplement plans will be affected: the Medicare supplement plan F and the Medicare supplement plan C. Both of these cover for the 183$ deductible, which is why starting January 2020, they will no longer be available for new members. The already existing members will be able to continue their use of these plans and their benefits. So, if you really wanted to be a part of the supplement plan F or C, make sure to enroll before the 1st of January, 2020. A good alternative to these plans is the Medicare supplement plan G. This one is perfect, because it covers all the expenses, apart for the Medicare part B deductible and is therefore not affected by the new law!