Things you need to know about Medicare Advantage Plan A

Original Medicare plan is pretty much important for the day to day functioning. However, there are certain costs which is usually not paid by the expenses of original Medicare plan. The Medicare plan is divided into two parts- Medicare Part A and B. However, both of this have an effective role to play in the medical expenses. But at the same time, not both can cover up the additional charges. These additional charges are however covered up by the Medicare advantage plans. These Medicare advantage plans have 10 divisions ranging from A to N. Nonetheless, the Medicare Advantage Plan A isn’t the same as that of Medicare Part A


Medicare Part A and Advantage Plan A

The Medicare Part A helps to cover the hospitality charges, however, Medicare advantage plan A helps to cover up the additional charges. It usually covers up all the charges that aren’t paid by Medicare Part or B. The health insurers which offer different plans to their customers often tend to offer the Plan A. This has been made compulsory by the law. Like most of the Medicare advantage plans, the Plan A too is very much standardized. Therefore, the benefits offered by the plan would be the same across the different places. Nonetheless the premium charges usually vary depending on the method used by the company.


Medical Advantage Plan A Coverage

The Plan A is the basics of all the essential plans and hence covers the most basic needs. The efficient things covered in Plan A include the following

  • Coinsurance for the payment of the hospital charges for additional one year after acquiring all the Medicare benefits.


  • The co-payment as well as coinsurance for Medicare Part B as the additional charges


  • Hospice care and coinsurance for Part A


  • The initial 3 pints of blood used for the medical procedure.


All the ten medical Advantage plans offer these basic benefits and they have been completely covered under the Medical Advantage Plan A.



The holders of Plan A need to pay the deductibles for part A and part B. They are also required to pay some additional charges as for the travel emergency cost, foreign exchange and Part B excess charges. The Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 helps to cover all these points. Also, the travel emergency costs needs to be taken care of.


Medicare Advantage Plan A may be the appropriate option for those who don’t want to pay too heavy premiums. Also, since it does not provide any extra benefits and just the basic ones, you can definitely use it.